NEW - MK-3 Service Plans

  • Full Service with New Plugs £189 + VAT

    Air Filter, Oil and Filter (5W 30) and Long-life Plugs

  • Full service £129 + VAT

    Air Filter, Oil and Filter (5W 30l)

  • Basic Service £89 + VAT

    Oil and Filter (5W 30l)

Does you MK-2.5 suffer from the dreaded clutch judder?

We can offer a solution to solve this well known Mazda issue

New 3-Piece Clutch supplied and fitted with a flywheel skim £349

Vehicle Service Plans

Full Service with Cam Belt £199 + VAT (£225 + VAT on VVT models)

In addition to a Full Service inventory... New Cam Belt, Fan Belt, Power-steering belt.

Full Service from £149 + VAT

Includes: New NGK spark plugs, Semi-synthetic engine oil, New air filter, New oil filter, Wheels off and brakes checked / report, light checked, screen wash topped up, tyres checked & all other levels checked with report... all inclusive price.

Basic Service £99 + VAT

Change engine oil (Semi-synthetic) and fit new oil filter, clean and gap existing spark plugs, clean/check air filter, check brakes and report, check tyres, lights and screen wash.

Further Services

Exhaust £145 + VAT

Middle to rear section, from the catalytic converter to the back ('Cat back') supplied and fitted, 2 year guarantee.

Brakes from £60 + VAT

Calipers £110 + VAT

Brake pads supplied and fitted front and rear.

Suspension £35 + VAT

Fitting only, shocks and springs (i.e. for lowered suspension) per corner.

Clutch 1.6 £249 + VAT / Clutch 1.8 £269 + VAT

Clutch Slave Cylinder £69.95 + VAT

Clutches supplied and fitted.

Note: Credit Card Payments are subject to a 2.5% Surcharge.
Debit Cards no surcharge.